There are two ways by which a man may lose his own soul–

1. He may lose his soul by living and dying without any religion at all. He may live and die like a beast–prayerless, godless, graceless, faithless. This is a sure way to hell.

2. He may also lose his soul by taking up some “useless kind of religion”. He may live and die contenting himself with a false Christianity, resting on a baseless hope. This probably is the most common way to hell that there is today.

Let me tell you what I mean by ‘useless kinds of religion”.

A religion is entirely useless in which Jesus Christ is not the principle object and does not fill the principal place.

There are too many calling themselves Christians who practically know nothing about Christ.

Their religion consists in a few vague notions and empty expressions. They trust they are no worse than many others. They keep to their church; they try to do their duty; they do
nobody any harm; they hope God will be merciful to them; they trust the Almighty will pardon their sins and take them to heaven when they die. This is about the whole of their religion.

I warn you plainly that such religion will never take you to heaven. It may do very well in the eyes of man; it may pass muster very decently at the church meeting, in the place of
business, or in the streetsfa

But it will never comfort you; it will never satisfy your conscience; it will never save your soul. Neither will it meet the approval of Almighty God.

I warn you plainly that all notions and theories about God being merciful apart from Christ and except through Christ, are baseless delusions and empty fancies.

Such theories are purely an idol of man’s invention. They are all of the earth; they never come down from heaven. The God of heaven has sealed and appointed Christ as the only
Savior and way of Life; and all who would be saved must be content to be saved by Him, or they will never be saved at all.