“Another word flung cheaply at those who stand for the integrity of the Bible, not only
as a rule of faith, but practice, is the easy epithet: ‘Narrow.’ There are Christians, even in the pulpit, good enough and wanting to be faithful to their calling, who shiver whenever the word is uttered in their neighborhood….But as I recall the preaching of the Son of God, I find it was along the line of a NARROW positivism: It was he who said: ‘Narrow is the way that leadeth unto life.’….To raise a hue and cry against this as ‘divisive;’ to appeal to compromise for the sake of ‘brotherhood’ and ‘Christian charity’ and to talk about LOVE BEING MORE IMPORTANT IN THE CHURCH THAN CORRECTNESS OF DOCTRINE, is emotional weakness and fallacious folly….The word ‘toleration’ must be cut out of the church vocabulary.  You cannot find it in the Bible. It is not a nice word. It is not to be
found in good company. It is a word much used by middle-of-the-road men. It has in it, no matter how much dissimulated, the crawling, creeping movement of surrender….Why should the Church tolerate men who no longer tolerate the Bible as God gave it to us…?”

— ISAAC MASSEY HALDEMAN (“A King’s Penknife, Or, Why I Am Opposed To Modernism,” 1929; emphasis in the original)