“The worst calamity is the wisest and the kindest thing that could occur to me, if God ordains it.

“We know that all things work together for good to those who love God.”

The Christian does not merely hold this as a theory, but he knows it as a matter of fact.
Every thing has worked for good as yet—the poisonous drugs that have been mixed in the
compound have nevertheless worked the cure.

The sharp cuts of the lancet have cleansed out the proud flesh and facilitated the healing.

Every event as yet has worked out the most divinely blessed results. And so, believing this– that God rules it, that God rules wisely, that God brings good out of evil, the believer’s heart is fixed and he is well prepared.

Here, bring me whatever cup you will, my Father fills them all and I will drink them as He sends them, not merely with resignation, but with sanctified delight.

Send me what You will, my God, so long as it comes from You- never was that a bad portion which came from Your table to any one of Your children.

My Father, write what You will concerning Your child, I will not seek to pry between the folded leaves, but I will patiently hope and quietly wait as leaf by leaf is unfolded, knowing You are too wise to err and too good to be unkind.”

— From Spurgeon’s sermon,”HEART’S-EASE” NO. 647. Psalm 112:7.
Psalms 112:7 He shall not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed, trusting in the LORD.


“Christ knows best at what time to do anything for His people. He purposely delayed His journey, and did not come to Bethany until Lazarus had been in the grave four days. No doubt He knew well what was going on. But He never moved until the time came which He saw was best.

The children of God must constantly school their minds to learn the great lesson now before us. Nothing so helps us to bear patiently the trials of life as an abiding conviction of the perfect wisdom by which everything around us is managed.

Let us try to believe not only that all that happens to us is done well, but that it is done . . .
in the best manner, by the right instrument, and at the right time.

We are all naturally impatient in the day of trial. We are apt to say, like Moses, when beloved ones are sick, “Heal her now, Lord, we beseech You.”

We forget that Christ is too wise a physician to make any mistakes. It is the duty of faith to say, “My times are in Your hand. Do with me as You will, how You will, what You will, and when You will. Not my will, but Yours be done.” The highest degree of faith is to be able to wait, sit still, and not complain.

Let us turn from the passage with a settled determination to trust Christ entirely with all the concerns of this world, both public and private. Let us believe that He by whom all things were made at first, is He who is managing all with perfect wisdom.

The affairs of kingdoms, families, and private individuals are all alike, overruled by Him.

He chooses all the portions of His people.

When we are sick, it is because He knows it to be for our good. When He delays coming to help us, it is for some wise reason.

The hand that was nailed to the cross is too wise and loving to smite without a ‘needs be’, or to keep us waiting for relief without a cause.”

— J C Ryle




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