The following is from the late A.W. Tozer’s list of things God had taught him:

(1) The whole life of the faithful should be one of repentance.

(2) Repentance is void if it does not produce mortification of the flesh (outward, visible repentance).

(3) To be forgiven, sin must be forsaken.

(4) There is no Saviourhood without Lordship.

(5) The methods of the Spirit and the methods of men are diametrically opposed. Churches are using men’s methods.

(6) Christ saved us to make us worshippers, not workers. Worship first, then work.

(7) Christians violate the Scriptures in relation to their neighbours, the world, and the flesh without compunction or repentance. We have become careless of the commandments of Christ and the simple truths of God’s Word. Obey the Bible!

(8) Meekness, modesty, and humility endear a man to God.

(9) We can’t cure our spiritual malady by more activity. When a diseased Christianity becomes evangelistic it merely enlarges the area of infection.


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